What is Active Listening?

15 Apr

Listening is part of every communication process. As the sender provides a message to decode the receiver then start to decode the idea first by listening.  Without listening as a skill, all forms of communication will be hollowed and meaningless.  Who would still dare to speak if no one stays to listen?

Basically, listening is a skill, you must hone and master. It’s not about just hearing a sound. Listening is actually comprehending and paying attention to a person or a speaker’s idea. You learn from listening to great professors and teachers in your school or university.  How do you think Socrates’ works have thrived history if Plato, his beloved scholar, had not listen to a single words he said?  You'll want to learn more about the various listening styles today. 

It’s all about mastering listening first to master the art of speaking. There is no other way around.

Active listening is not a talent but a skill.  With practice and dedication you can develop excellent active listening skills in yourself.  But the question is how? First you need to break down the idea of what is active listening really means or imply? Active listening means focusing on the speaker’s message. It’s all about paying attention and making sense of what you are hearing. 

The opposite of active listening is passive listening in which an individual only hears sounds from the outward stimuli and daring to pay attention.  In passive listening communication is not possible.  In order for a communication to flow, feedback is required.  And feedback cannot be given if the listener does not actively pays attention. You'll definitely want to research more on the benefits of listening analytically

Active listening is needed in many areas of your life. You need active listening to learn in your school and activate your memory well.  Without listening, your retention skills might also suffer thus bring you failed outcomes.  Active listening in many ways is very helpful in terms of building a rapport with a person. 

In business for example, a lot of top companies have been encouraging their people to develop active listening in making sales. This might be strange to you because it has been long believed that sale is all about talking.  But actually new study have shown that a marketer that listens more are more likely to make sale than the ones who just talk. 

Besides, people have different listening types. If you master the art of identifying their listening type, you make these knowledge to get their attention. What good way to start selling yourself or product to them, don’t you think? Learn more about effective listening skills here: https://youtu.be/C8zNx_IarUw

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